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Russia: Evidence Proves US, UK And Israel Orchestrated 9/11 Attacks

The 9/11 attacks on New York & Washington DC were committed by traitors within the US, UK and Israeli governments.

Russia says it has evidence that the US, UK and Israel were responsible for orchestrating the 9/11 attacks on the American people

A retired officer specialising in Israeli counter intelligence has claimed that nuclear devices were used on 9/11 – and were a modified version of the W-54 artillery shells that were provided to the Israeli’s between 1988 and 1998 from US stockpiles. 

According to the Russian insider – chemical analysis done on the fallout at ground zero has identified the chemical/radiation footprint of the warheads used in the attacks as being of US/Israeli origin.
All plutonium based warheads have a chemical fingerprint that can identify the type of design and where the PU was made and how old it is. This was the 9/11 blackmail on Bush 1 and 2, the illegal transfer of surplus US nuclear weapons to the Israelis and why the continued cover up, along with the stolen gold and stock fraud that was going on Wall Street etc. According to file ENW57.pdf on page 66. (Editor’s note: Document received and confirmed)
Only a 2 kiloton device was needed to drop the buildings. A 2 kiloton device will produce a fireball of apx 150 to 200 feet in diameter at over 4000 degrees Centigrade. [Correction: Some 0s are missing, since the temperature generated by a nuclear event would have been in the millions of degrees C, not just thousands.] Just large enough to melt the I beams [Correction: they were box, not I beam, design.] of the central core of the building and drop them in place. The light flash would last less than 1 second and primarily be in the UV light range. Overpressure would only be at 60PSI max and directed upwards with the blast. See underground effect.
Fallout would be minimal and located to within ground zero 
range only. Radiation would drop to acceptable levels within 
72 hrs. after the blast. [Correction: That would be true of 
an airborne blast, but in this case there were underground 
blasts, the effects of which would tend to endure for years.] 
Most fall out was trapped in the cement dust thus causing 
all of the recent cancer deaths that we are now seeing in 
NYC amongst first responders. (Editor’s note: Consistent 
with site data)
800px-High_Flux_Isotope_Reactor_Core_Cross_Section-320x221High FluxIsotope Reactor Core – Cross Section

Melted steel and iron oxide or “nano thermite” is a byproduct of the very high gamma ray / Neutron flux induced into the central steel core. The radiation dissolves the steel into iron oxide consuming the carbon and silicon in the steel.
This explains the missing steel columns and the very important clue of the “vaporized’ 20 ton antenna tower atop the south tower. The upward blast of radiation literally vaporized it. Video evidence proves this to be true. (Editor’s note: Tower issue a vital one.)
The total XXOO data file from DOE Sandia on the 911 event is well over 72 MB. P.S. Snowden didn’t have a Q clearance so he missed this one. Carnaberry had a pretty good stash of documents on the subject. (All under the transit stuff.) The entire nuclear nonproliferation story of stolen nuclear material coming from Russia was an Israeli cover story to hide the original source of weapons material coming from the US stock piles. (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed)
Illegal distribution of US nuclear material to foreign allies was not limited to Israel. Virtually all NATO allies were in on this scam too. Dick Cheney was the bad guy on this one. Bush2/Cheney traded nuclear pits to foreign country as IOU’s in order to get what they wanted. Tom Countryman a well-known Israeli operative is curiously now in charge of N.N.P. at the State Department under Obama.(?) He was put there by Rahm Emanuel.

Early Israeli core model – Vannunu photo
It appears that the weapon of choice for the Israelis were the W-54 and follow on series of nuclear pits taken from the Amarillo TX storage dump. This was what Carnaberry was working on for Bush senior in Houston.
A total of over 350 pits were transferred to the Israelis over a 10 to 20 year period of time. The W-54 type of pit design were the most desirable due to the 2 point implosion pit design. This is the easiest to re manufacture and modify as compared to other circular pit designs.
The pill shaped design of the W-54 type weapon contains over 1.5 times more plutonium than a standard pit. This would allow enough Plutonium to be recovered that was still of weapons grade use even after 32 plus years of age. Americium build up in the pit over time eventually makes the Pit unusable as a weapon so they have a limited shelf life based on how fast or slow the Plutonium was produce in the reactor at Stanford.
Usually it was about 150 days max. Irradiation time in the reactor during production determines the shelf life of the pit as weapons grade material. All of the micro nukes used by the Israelis are re-manufactured W-54 type series devices.
Khazelov confirmed this a micro nuke bombing
[Correction: Dimitri, to the best of our knowledge, has continued to maintain his 150kt (big nuke) theory and disdains the mini nuke theory.] These devices were used in the Bali bombing and the London bombing and in Japan on their reactors. (Editor’s note: Nuclear weapon use in Bali confirmed) Also used in Damascus, Iraq and Afghanistan by the US. (Editor’s note: Multiple confirmation including site samples.)
These are stored in most Israelite embassies for ease of deployment. The one’s used on 9/11 were kept at the Israeli consulate in NYC until put in place. After 9/11 the FBI now checks all diplomatic pouches with a Geiger counter before entering or leaving the US. The South African weapons were also surplus W-54 artillery shells acquired from Israeli and final assembly and testing was done in South Africa with Israel assistance. (Editor’s note: This explains Pelendaba production issues.)
This was done because the Israelis needed a testing ground in order to make sure that there rebuilt weapons would work as designed. (Editor’s note: Testing on Sept. 22, 1979 multiple confirmations.) The North Korean weapons are also of the 155 mm artillery design as provided by Israel.
The true North Korean nuclear weapons program is based on nuclear artillery use and not missiles. The plan is to use a massive artillery barge on South Korea if war breaks out this include the use of small nuclear artillery shells to counter US tanks rockets and artillery.
The Saudi’s also have a stash of W-54′s acquired from the US under Bush2. (Editor’s note: Confirmed) The Israelis have also provided them to India, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Japan, North and South Korea etc. (Editor’s note: All but South Korea confirmed. Canada had been believed to be the source of Brazilian nuclear weapons.) Dimona is a standard 75 megawatt thermal open top reactor as used in France for their plutonium weapons production program, their version of Stanford (Editor’s note:  Probably “Hanford”).

Dimona – Israel
Due to over use as a fast breeder reactor by the Israelis, Dimona suffered a “steam explosion” IE a flash over indecent due to neutron criticality back in the late 1980′s under Bush 1. This shut down its operation for many years until repairs could be made.
It know only operates at very low power levels due to neutron absorption damage to the containment vessel. Now mainly use for isotope production. This forced the Israelis to turn to stolen nuclear stock piles from the US for the continuation of their nuclear program.
The Israelis knowing that the nuclear material that they had acquire only had a limited shelf life left before it was no longer usable as weapons grade then tried to dump it on the surplus market as fast as possible before it was of no use to them. So they dumped it on unsuspecting nations who would only sit on it and not be able to test it. These were the fissile tests in North Korea. (Editor’s note: Confirmed, multiple sources)
When everybody caught on to the scam such as Japan and Korea. (IE the Korean sub sinkings etc) they were angry because they paid big bucks for junk. This started a mini cold war with Israel and her old clients. However with micro nukes even as the plutonium ages it will still fissile producing a smaller size detonation well under 2 kiloton in size.

So they can still be used as small dirty bombs or as very small tactical nukes such as the nuclear artillery strikes on Damascus with rocket assisted W-54′s. (Editor’s note: Confirmed strike, May 4, 2013) On the W-54 pit design it is pill shaped and it is only about 4 inches in diameter and weighs about 24 pounds.
Most of the fuel is consumed in the plasma fire ball when detonated so there is very little plutonium fallout left to escape. If it is salted with other materials the fallout can be even reduced to lower levels such as in an enhanced radiation device or the so called neutron bomb. This is what was used on 9/11.
The primary purpose of the nuclear weapon used on 9/11 was to produce a massive Gamma ray / neutron flux that would vaporize about 150 to 300 feet of 6 inch thick steel I-beams [Correction: box design] that constituted the central core of the WTC buildings. This created a free fall event as seen on TV that day.
The flash would be hidden from sight due to the underground detonation. Most of the light was in the non-visible light spectrum any way. Over pressure would be reduced to 6 psi due to the blast traveling up the central core and neutron radiation vaporizing the TV antenna at the top of the building as see on TV.
The fallout would be mainly vaporized concrete cement and iron oxide. This is why after 911 they told everyone on TV that the beta radiation burns that people were getting were due to the caustic cement dust and not due to the radiation effects from the radioactive cement fallout. (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed)
The iron oxide found all over the place was what was left of the steel I beams. This was the so called Nano Thermite that was found everywhere. Fallout was limited to a 1 mile area around down town NYC. See charts. (Editor’s note: Received)
Radiation decay was reduced to safe low levels after 72 hrs., (Editor’s note: Fully confirmed) outside of ground zero its self. This is why the area was blocked off from the public for 3 days after the event, in order to let the radiation drop to safe levels.
If you read this excerpt closely,  you can clearly see that Russia means business.  It is what they did not say — directly — that makes this data-dump so poignant … and dangerous to the Anglo-American power structure.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s teeth, tongue-hole & now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t wrinkles


There’s an episode of the old Star Trek TV series which reminds me of Hillary Clinton.
In “Mudd’s Women,” the Starship Enterprise intercepts a cargo spaceship and its occupants — a shady character named Harry Mudd and three women. Mudd would give these Venus pills to the women. When they ingest the pill, the women are instantly transformed into beautiful sirens; without the pills, they revert to their ugly old-hag selves.
Hillary morphs like one of Mudd’s women, looking old and wrinkled one day, then is suddenly transformed into smooth-skinned “Venus” Hillary.
Here she is, back stage with Barack Obama, on July 27, 2016, the third day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, doing her typical open-mouthed laugh.
Hillary's hole, with Obama at DNC, July 27, 2016
It was this photo that alerted bloggers to the alarming hole in her tongue, suggestive of a recent biopsy for HPV tongue-cancer. Here are close-ups of the hole:
Hillary's tongue1When I wrote a post on her tongue-hole on July 30, 2016, observant reader Glenn47 noted that Hillary’s “teeth are in an unnatural shape.” Reader pumpkin responded that “Her teeth have been filed on the bottom.”
I remembered Glenn47’s observation when I recently, quite by accident, came across a picture of Hillary mere days before she had her teeth done. Take a look:
Hillary's teeth July 2016
Then there are her now-you-see-them-now-you-don’t wrinkles.
Here’s a photo of Hillary testifying at the Benghazi hearing on Capitol Hill on January 23, 2013, in which she made her infamous “What does it matter” outburst. See the fine lines above and the deep creases on the sides of her mouth?                                                                  
Hillary Benghazi testimony Jan 23, 2013
And here she is 3½ YEARS later, doing a bizarre brain-freeze “woo!” reaction to the cascading balloons at the DNC on July 28, 2016:
Hillary balloon brain-freeze DNC July 28, 2016
Here’s a side-by-side comparison of 2013 Benghazi Hillary vs. 2016 “porcelain doll” Hillary:
Hillary Clinton before & afterIt gives me the creeps just thinking of the torturous dental work, Botox and other cosmetic procedures that vain woman went through for her big moment accepting her Demonrat Party’s presidential nomination.
And to think she undertook all that torturous work while being so infirmed that she requires a cathetera defibrillator vestDiazepam injections, and help just walking up a few steps or standing up to deliver a short speech.
Hillary Clinton catheterHillary being helped up stairs 2016Hillary propped up by man in L.A., April 2016~Eowyn
Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Significance of Intentional CIA Leaks of Future Staged Events

by Dennis Cimino

It’s becoming evident that as far as I am able to discern, the Central Intelligence Agency as well as the Department of Homeland Security and other federal entities, are now using highly advanced Psychological Warfare techniques on the American and world public in the form of intentionally leaked and disseminated sensitive information, both by the MSM and by alternative media. They are intended to desensitize the threat by inducing a lack of concern due to repeated false reports. It is the modern version of "The Boy Who Called 'Wolf!'"

We have seen leaks of this kind before in a known AGITPROP venue known as BLACKLISTED NEWS, run by a government asset whose last name is "Owens", in concord with another website known as WHATREALLYHAPPENED run by a Michael Rivero, about the hiring of "crisis actors" from Canada at a thousand dollars per day rate, to participate in a future event at an undisclosed location in the State of Colorado, between the 17th and 19th of September 2016. 

This is not the first or the last time we’ll see this sort of intentional leaking of probable future events on these two sites, and the very high likelihood of these two now coincidental leaks such as is the Army document that stipulates that a Ft. Collins Army Unit would be trained to implement a ‘martial law’ eventuality in the State of Colorado. Here is the leaked document:


This turns out to be a very clever forgery that may in fact now be part of a "cover and deception" plan whereupon the alternative media draws the conclusion that too much advance warning was given for this to have been anything except a massive ruse and or ‘red herring’ thrown at us. My conclusion is somewhat different in that in my professional opinion, it is entirely likely that this information was crudely leaked out intentionally to provide a form of "cover" for a future September operation in the State of Colorado, most likely in the Ft. Collins area.

Here is my analysis of this document, where distortion of the typed content by comparison with the lines is a product of cutting and pasting info into a form that is blank, where, if the data had been native to the form, it would not have simply been restricted to having distortion on the data itself, where and the lines are distortion free relative to what is seen. Those lines should also have distortion boundaries but they do not. Consider their difference:

  There should be no difference between them.  There ought to be a distortion halo on the upper and lower line areas but these are clean.  If anyone would like to test the proposition, what you could do is just take any document you have and convert it to a JPG file and then blow it up and you will see what I am talking about. The whole document would have the same level of distortion through and through, not be so radically different as this document is. In other words, they used a template, filled it in and that created the distortion boundary, which should be uniform but is not.  

Why it matters

The relevance of this is not too unlike the Jade Helm exercise in that it’s purpose was to ultimately be pooh pooped into a "non event" scenario where a harmless government exercise which took place in multiple states at once, was no more than just a simple training evolution when in fact it had a two fold purpose, the primary one being to "detente" the population into a state of non-concern, and in a lot of ways it in fact did that effectively. 

The second purpose was to get the civilian population very comfortable with the militarization of many cities in the United States in a de facto preparatory drill to set into place key components of command and control structures specifically designed for the mass incarceration and or control of large civilian populations in the event of a major upheaval in the United States for yet to be specified reasons.

What is extraordinary about these events is that as the OPERATION GLADIO hoaxing is now not just in the United States but is taking place globally in virtually all countries that are part of what I call "the Rothschild Central Bank Consortium", is that now, these same Psychological Operations techniques are being used across the globe to instill panic and fear in the populations of the affected nations who are coordinating these GLADIO events with the probable intent of instituting some form of GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW enactment and policy. 

Is it not unreasonable to presume that the broad spectrum Psychological Operations will incorporate more and more intentional leakage of events to be staged with the aim to causing the populations in the affected countries to induce them to become skeptical of attempts by alternative media journalists to warn the citizenry, for example, of a pending global financial collapse. They need to control the world population in the fore of the collapse rather than try to gain control in the aftermath.

Operation GLADIO

One of the most potent and effective tactics of GLADIO fear mongering is to have a significant amount of doubt and uncertainty in the public psyche about the veracity of staged events vs. whether or not they may have in fact been real or not, where this gulf of ‘doubt’ ultimately leads to both a form of inaction and or paralysis in the global populations much in the same way as would someone screaming; “FIRE! FIRE!” in a crowded venue.

Over time, it causes people to be unsure of the imperative to take action to evacuate and get away from an incipient hazard or threat that apparently is over used and warned about too often. As a growing pattern of coordination between the Rothschild-dominated nations, the intent is to control by lack of certainty more so than the brute force application of force alone. This is a very powerful method of population management, by the way.

In any case, intentional leaks of such information serve manifold purposes, primarily to provide the necessary skepticism about the intent of the illegitimate and criminal governments, and to allow for more consolidation of forces across the globe for the overall goal of global population subjugation and full control by virtue of very constant bombardment of so much information as to cause a form of overload due to the cadence and the randomness of the GLADIO events necessary to put forth the concept of disarmament across the board in every single country, under United Nations (Rothschild) auspices.

In time, given the path we seem to be on, it’s not out of the question to bombard the public in all countries with so much pre-leaked information about future operations of GLADIO that in the aggregate, it provides a great deal of ‘cover’ by virtue of the desensitization of the public because far too much information is being leaked to discern what is truly imminent and what is not. The Mossad motto, “By Deception Thou Shalt Do War”, seems to be very much alive and well in a world that now is awash in terror fabricated by the CIA and the MOSSAD--and the British MI-5/6. It would be foolish to presume that even obvious forgeries are of no significance when they warn us of upcoming GLADIO event leading to a GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW or STATE OF EMERGENCY status in virtually all of Europe and the United States controlled by Rothschild assets. 

Dennis Cimino was the Navy's top electronics trouble-shooter before he left and joined Raytheon. He has made many astute contributions to the study of current events, including "The Real Deal Ep #103 9/11: Who was responsible and why".

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Virtual Academic Freedom Conference (Saturday, 27 August 2016)

TO VIEW THE LIVE STREAM, click on here.

Jim Fetzer and Stephen Francis are very pleased to announce:

ACADEMIC FREEDOM CONFERENCE II: Are there Limits to Inquiry? 

Should faculty be restrained from or even punished for investigating 

complex and controversial events of enormous political significance?

Each speaker should have 45-50 minutes to present, leaving 10-15 

more for Q&A after each session, with general discussion at the end.

          ACADEMIC FREEDOM II: Are there limits to inquiry?

9:00 AM-10:AM/CT: Stephen Francis proposed the first Academic 

Freedom Conference on 26 April 2014, held on the campus of the 

University of Illinois-UC, where he earned a degree in sociology.  He 

promotes the exercise of critical thinking and unconventional thought.

                                 WHY DOES IT MATTER?

10:00 AM-11:00 AM/CT: Francis A. Boyle, Ph.D., noted Professor of 

International Law at the University of Illinois College of Law, earned his 

A.B. in Political Science from Chicago, J.D. from Harvard Law School 

and his A.M. and Ph.D. in political Science from Harvard University. 

11:00 AM to Noon/CT: "9/11 in the Academic Community"

Noon-1:00 PM/CT: Nick Kollerstrom, Ph.D., an historian of science and

the leading expert on the 7/7 London bombings, had his appointment 

at University College London terminated for undertaking scientific

research on World  War II that undermines widely-accepted accounts.

                           WITHIN THE ACADEMY

1:00-2:00 PM/CT: Leuren Moret earned her B.S. in geology at 

U.C. Davis and an M.A. in Near Eastern Studies from Berkeley. 

She completed all but her dissertation for a PhD in geosciences 

at Davis. She has conducted scientific research in 42 countries.

2:00-3:00 PM/CT: Darrell Hamamoto, Ph.D., Professor of Asian 

American Studies at the University of California, David, has published

extensively on the representation of Asian Americans in films and on

TV, especially in relation to political issues and freedom of expression.

3:00-4:00 PM/CT: Kevin McDonald, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology

at Cal State-Long Beach (retired), has 8 books on evolutionary theory 

and has focused on group selection and the significance of different 

strategies of adaptation and on social and personality development.

                                     SOME SPECIAL CASES


5:00-6:00 PM/CT:  Sterling Harwood, J.D., Ph.D., professor of 

philosophy and attorney-at-law, has published on the moon landing 

hoax, Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, including exposing the 

role of in misleading the public regarding those events.

6:00-7:00 PM/CT: Preston James, Ph.D., a social psychologist 

from a Big Ten University, will address the importance of academic

research in an era dominated by propaganda from the mass media,

where academicians are failing to expose state-sponsored terrorism.

7:00-8:00 PM/CT: Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a philosopher of science, has 

edited a series of books that investigate the moon landing hoax, the 

atrocities of 9/11, the death of Sen. Paul Wellstone, the FEMA drill at 

Sandy Hook, the fakery in Boston, and other major state deceptions. 

8:00- . . . . : General Discussion including questions from the audience

Those who would like to view the conference LIVE, should send 

an email to indicating 

desire to join. If you have questions, call Stephen Francis at 

(217) 377-2131.