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Dr. Eowyn: D.C. satanists: Sally Quinn of Washington Post tried hexes to kill her enemies

Dr. Eowyn
For some time now, the Alternative Media have been saying Washington, D.C., is a nest of satanists.
Given the fact that D.C. is where the politically powerful congregate, it stands to reason that the city would be a special target of satanists. What better way than to corrupt and bring down the United States, still the most powerful country in the world?
Last year, we learnt that John Podesta, a longtime Clinton associate who chaired Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, partook of a satanic ritual called spirit cooking dinner — a “sacrament” in Thelema founded by British satanist Aleister Crowley whose motto was “Do As Thou Wilt,” in which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are ingested. (See “Evidence that Hillary Clinton and her associates are satanists“)
Yesterday, we learnt that Hillary Clinton who, were it not for the grace of God, would be the U.S. president now, admitted she had wanted to make and stick pins into voodoo dolls of her critics.
Today, you’ll find out about a very powerful D.C. woman who put hexes on her enemies.
A curse is an expressed wish that some form of adversity or misfortune will befall another (or a place or object). A hex is more than a curse: To hex someone is to call upon a supernatural power, by means of “magic” or witchcraft, to bring ill on another. According to Wikipedia, the word “hexing” comes from the German word for witchcraft.
Sally Quinn, now 76, is a former Washington Post (WP) reporter who became the third (and last) wife of the late WP executive editor and later, vice president, Benjamin Bradlee. Bradlee became a celebrated and national figure during the presidency of Richard Nixon when he challenged the federal government over the right to publish the Pentagon Papers and oversaw the publication of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein’s stories documenting the Watergate scandal.
Together, from their marriage in 1978 until Bradlee’s death in 2014, the couple were among D.C.’s most powerful, dominating the city’s social scene as its gatekeepers.
In 2006, Quinn wrote that her parents were religious “but didn’t go to church,” and that she was an atheist since the time she was a small child because she could not believe in a God who allowed evil and bad things to happen to people, including her (unnamed) sickness when she was ten years old.
John Nolte reports for Breitbart, Sept 12, 2017:
“For nearly 50 years, the entire social and political world of DC revolved around this couple. Bradlee and Quinn were the New Camelot (his career took off in large part because of his friendship with John F. Kennedy), the Gatekeepers of who was in and who was out, the Elite Deciders among our Ruling Class with the extraordinary power of the Washington Post, and by extension the rest of the mainstream media, to abuse and weaponize their will against the rest of us.
Well, to put it as bluntly as possible, we are now learning that the Queen of Camelot is an occultist, a witch of sorts who honestly believes (according to her own new memoir) that she murdered three innocent people through the dark art of the hex: a young woman who committed suicide after flirting with Quinn’s boyfriend; a magazine editor who published an unflattering profile of her, who decades later died of cancer; a psychic who died of a cerebral hemorrhage before the end of the year after telling Quinn something she did not want to hear. […]
Quinn’s other acts of admitted wickedness include plotting to break up Bradlee’s marriage (which she did) and using the threat of adultery to bend Bradlee to her will.”
Quinn “practiced the occult in the most demonic ways imaginable well into adulthood.” She finally stopped hexing others, not out of a sense of remorse, but because she thought she was karmically responsible for the unusual illness of her and Bradlee’s only son, Quinn.
Quinn Bradlee was born in 1982 (when Sally Quinn was 41 and Ben Bradlee was 61) with a rare and incurable disease called velo-cardio-facial syndrome, aka DiGeorge syndrome, 22q11.2 deletion or Shprintzen syndrome. Caused by the deletion of a small segment (30-40 genes) of chromosome 22, the syndrome occurs in only 1 in 4,000 people with afflictions that can include congenital heart problems, specific facial features, frequent infections, developmental delay, learning problems, cleft palate, kidney problems, hearing loss, and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and Graves disease.
Nolte points out that what is almost as troubling as Sally Quinn’s witchcraft is “the matter-of-fact way in which the Washington Post informs us of this bombshell” under the chatty headline, ‘‘Sally Quinn’s hexes, marital ultimatums and visceral love of her son”. Nolte writes:
“We have just discovered that one of the primary movers and shakers of the last half-century is a practicing occultist, and…
Nobody cares.
The information is dropped as though Quinn’s tell-all is the usual-usual about plastic surgeries and sex.
Worse still, our Ruling Class is now joking about Quinn putting a deadly hex on President Trump. […]
Let’s just say it out loud… The most powerful people in our country are either outright occultists, are comfortable with witchcraft and Satanism, or are moving and shaking among those who are.
Whether or not you believe in the power of the occult, that does not matter. Also beside the point is whether or not the Podestas and Quinn and those calling to have Trump hexed believe.
What we do know is that these people have completely rejected any notion of a loving God, and moved towards darkness.
Furthermore, we also know that this darkness is not about consenting adults behaving badly amongst themselves. Rather, this is about them attempting to harness a power to control others, to manipulate events to their will, to hurt or outright kill those who offend or insult them.
What is remarkable is that, although he was born with a hole in his heart and underwent heart surgery when he was three months old, after which he spent many years in and out of hospital and attended special schools for severe learning problems, and although he never received a religious education, Quinn Bradlee is a believing but non-church going Christian.
In 2006 when Quinn was 24 years old, he told his mother that he believes in God. He said:
“My image of God is what Michaelangelo painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. God is a man stronger and more powerful than everybody else. I also believe that if you think about God, if you say his name all the time, then you will believe in him. It will be in your subconscious. . . .
I knew you and Dad were not very religious people . . . . I didn’t really understand that you didn’t believe in God until a few years ago. I didn’t know what ‘atheist’ meant. It’s a very harsh word, very ugly word. It’s like calling a black person the “N” word. . . .
Everything happens for a reason. Maybe it’s God’s plan for me to go through this because I can handle it. . . .
In a way, believing in God is like having a girlfriend that you love and care about. You feel safe with her. You feel safe with God, the way you would with your girlfriend. When you get married she will be with you in sickness and in health. That’s what I believe God will do when I’m going through the hard times of life.”
Now 35 years old, Josiah Quinn Bradlee is a filmmaker, author and advocate for the disabled.
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Deanna Spingola: Barack Obama, Former CIA Agent

Deanna Spingola
3/13/2010Revised 5/18/2013
[Editor's note: Deanna Spingola and I have been on opposite sides regarding Sandy Hook, which I am at a loss to explain. We both have books, where her Screening Sandy Hook (2015), is available at; while my collection of studies with 13 contributors, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (2015), was banned by but can be downloaded for free as a pdf. Our respective views have been partially displayed in comments on the CBS "60 Minutes", Return to Sandy Hook, 4 Years Later, where an exchange thread was allowed to take place with less censorship than usual in relation to the managed media of today. Winfield Abbe discovered this study by Spingola, which I regard as completely brilliant. It makes by far the most sense of this man of anything I have ever read. I gladly republish it here.]

I recently had the great pleasure of talking with Dr. James David Manning who has been ministering to the people of Harlem since 1981. He is now the Senior Pastor at ATLAH which stands for All the Land Anointed Holy, Manning’s inspired name for Harlem as of September 14, 1991.
Dr. Manning heads the Columbia Obama Treason Trial which he has scheduled for May 14-19, 2010 at the ATLAH building at 38 West 123rd Street in ATLAH, New York, 10027. Unfortunately, the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court have failed in their duties to uphold the Constitution and address the legitimacy and other questionable issues surrounding the White House’s current resident. Therefore, Dr. Manning, being a longtime resident of the Columbia University area, the school that Obama allegedly attended, began an intense investigation into Obama’s educational background and discovered some profound discrepancies.
According to Dr. Manning, Obama (born in 1961) enrolled at the very pricey Occidental College in Los Angeles, California in 1979 where the CIA recruited him in 1980. Since its inception, the CIA regularly recruits college students. He was, by his own admission, a “C” student, a dope smoker and a member of the Marxist Club at Occidental, a co-educational liberal arts college. In 1981, Obama allegedly transferred from Occidental to Columbia University to major in Political Science with a specialization in international relations. It is atypical for a student to begin their education in one four-year school and then transfer to another school. Columbia University requires that incoming students pass certain academic requirements which Obama obviously lacked. However, Columbia had a foreign student program and the CIA has major connections and influence with Columbia and some of the nation’s other educational facilities. Interestingly, Zbigniew Brzezinski, known to have ties to the CIA as early as 1959, was on the Columbia University faculty (1960-1989) and was in charge of the Institute on Communist Affairs. He was also Obama's mentor. Brzezinski was President Carter's National Security Advisor (1977-1981) and recently admitted that his objective was to entice the Soviet Union to invade Afghanistan in December 1979.

The CIA needed Muslims or others who could easily blend into the Muslim environment in the Middle East. The CIA persuaded Columbia University to extend their foreign student program to Obama, now a Columbia student, so that he might travel to Pakistan and enroll in the universities around Karachi in addition to the Patrice Lumumba School in Moscow.[1] The school, one of Russia’s most prestigious universities was founded on February 5, 1960 as The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (PFUR). It was renamed the Patrice Lumumba School on February 22, 1961. On February 5, 1992 the university re-adopted its former name. According to their web site, “The main aim was to give young people from Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially from poor families, an opportunity to get University education and to become highly qualified specialists. The students were admitted through non-governmental organizations, governmental establishments, and the USSR embassies and consulates.” [2]

Obama, perhaps as an undercover agent, may have been the lead agent in the arms and money supply for the CIA-trained Taliban Army against the Soviet Army war machine. His actions were integral to the Taliban’s success in their opposition to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Officials have publicly acknowledged that Obama went to Pakistan in 1981. There is no way of knowing how often Obama traveled between Pakistan and Russia. According to Dr. Manning, Obama was an interpreter for the CIA during the war in Afghanistan. When Obama completed his CIA operations in the mid-1980s he returned to the United States. Apparently, the State Department then maneuvered his entrance into Harvard Law School. The CIA has always functioned as the president’s personal agency for black operations throughout the world. It also has connections to federal and state politicians. It managed to arrange Obama’s entrance to yet another elite school in 1988.

Percy Ellis Sutton, a civil-rights activist and lawyer, was the Manhattan Borough President (1966-1977). He was an intelligence officer with the Tuskegee Airmen, the name of a group of African American pilots who were part of the 332nd Fighter Group of the U.S. Army Air Forces during World War II. Sutton entered Harlem politics and became a leader of the Harlem Clubhouse, known as the “Gang of Four” which has controlled Democratic politics in Harlem for at least fifty years. His Clubhouse allies were New York City Mayor David Dinkins, Representative Charles Rangel, and New York Secretary of State Basil Paterson, father of David Paterson who replaced Spitzer as New York Governor in 2008. Percy Sutton wrote a letter to Harvard officials requesting that they admit Obama as a student after a hiatus of five years (from 1983 when he allegedly left Columbia to 1988).
Despite a five-year absence from the rigors of college activity Harvard accepted Obama where he allegedly excelled. On February 5, 1990, students elected Obama as president of the venerable celebrated Harvard Law Review, the highest student position at Harvard Law School, a term that lasts for one year. [3] After graduation he could have worked in any leading law firm except that he lacked the proper citizenship qualifications which would have come to light during the interview and normal background checks pursued by major law firms. Moreover, his academic deficiencies at Occidental College would have disqualified him from the top law firms. Furthermore, he was a CIA operative in the Middle East during the time that he was supposed to be attending Columbia University. Therefore, despite his supposed Harvard achievements, Obama became a Saul Alinsky-style community organizer in South Chicago which alleviated the necessity of providing a legitimate background check. [4] 

In 1990, Obama accepted a job with Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, a law firm which represented civil rights cases but also represented Rezmar Corporation, owned by Chicago slumlord, Tony Rezko. The law firm helped Rezmar get more than $43 million in government funding. As early as 1995, Rezko started contributing to Obama who had high political aspirations. In 2003, Rezko was a fundraiser for Obama’s Senatorial campaign as part of a group that raised over $14 million. In 2006, the authorities found Rezko guilty of sixteen out of twenty-four charges filed against him.

Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP, the same law firm that Harvard graduate Michelle Robinson worked hired Barack Obama for a short summer stint then as an associate from 1988 to 1991. Robinson became his trainer and supervisor and, as such, may have handled any background information. Robinson, through the efforts of Valerie Jarrett, then-deputy chief of staff for Mayor Richard Daley, became an assistant to the mayor. Robinson later became an economic development coordinator. Obama married the politically connected Robinson in October 1992 in the Trinity United Church of Christ, giving him green-card style citizenship and needed credibility. [5] In 1993, according to the Records at the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois, attorney Michelle Obama became “voluntarily inactive and not authorized to practice law” per her request. After she relinquished her hard-won law license, Michelle Obama worked for the University of Chicago Medical Center where she received a very generous annual salary of $317,000. [6]

Michelle Obama helped to improvise a scheme to shift low-income charity cases to other area hospitals in order to make room for insurance-carrying patients to enhance the hospital’s profitability. She did this under the guise of improving the health care of the Southside residents. In 2006, in conjunction with this scheme, Obama persuaded the hospital to hire lawyer and extremely skillful public relations mastermind, David Axelrod, to conjure up a publicity campaign to market this fallacious program to the poor black community, and make it not only palatable but highly desirable. [7] Axelrod became Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor and undoubtedly masterminded the publicity behind the current healthcare scam the Obamas have hoisted on the rest of the country after its test run in Chicago, a city tarnished by its long-term corrupt political shenanigans.

Dr. Manning, an African American, has called Obama a “good House Negro” and a “long-legged Mack daddy,” and an “emissary of the devil.” When Dr. Manning gave an interview on Fox News, he said, “We also have to talk about his character.” Dr. Manning has also questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve as U.S. President due to the fact that Obama has not complied with numerous requests to reveal his birth records. In fact, Obama has spent thousands of dollars in an attempt to conceal those records.
Dr. Manning, using information from hired investigators declares that Obama never attended Columbia University. He asserts the following:

1) “Columbia University will not divulge whether the “alleged” diploma issued was in the name of Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama. No public record exists regarding the diploma.”
2) “Obama alleges he attended Columbia in 1982, 1983. But, the investigators have been UNABLE to turn up a single shred of written documentation for the years 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 that show where Obama appeared on a school roster, register, faculty memo, bulletin board, school awards, dean’s list; where Obama’s name appeared in a yearbook, club record, fraternity record, extra-curricular activity member roster, student newspaper, student radio or TV activity; where Obama appeared in any records as a worker, employee, laborer in or about Columbia University; where Obama enrolled in any sports activity or program.”
3) “As a graduating senior in 1983 he does not appear in any Political Science (his major) or Graduating Class yearbook or invitation records.”
4) “There is absolutely no documentation of any kind to show Obama attended, lived, worked or played at Columbia University during the investigated 4 years.”
5) “Interviewed professors, college employees, students (who were at Columbia during the years in question) have failed to turn up a single person that can remember Obama. This is irrefutable evidence. Think about your own situation if Obama had attended your college? A “now-famous” person went to your school? Many would be able to say, “Of course I remember.” At Columbia, not a single person has been able to say he or she remembers Obama.” [8]

Obama’s background would have been relatively insignificant if the bankers had not selected him as a presidential candidate. However, with funding from George Soros and other international bankers who wish to establish global governance, he ran for office. Obviously there would be records that revealed some very personal details of his life. Passport records are particularly revealing. The CIA recruited John O. Brennan, who speaks fluent Arabic, after his college graduation. Brennan became deputy executive director of the CIA in March 2001. In about 2005, about the time that the bankers were interviewing Obama as presidential material, Brennan left government service and became the Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) and the CEO of The Analysis Corporation (TAC) now known as Sotera Defense Solutions, quite conceivably a CIA front. At the same time, Brennan began working with the Obama 2008 presidential campaign as Obama’s top intelligence adviser.

In March 2008, officials cited The Analysis Corporation for penetrating the files of presidential candidates Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton, and John McCain in the State Department’s passport office. Investigators maintain that the target of this illegal activity was Obama’s passport file for the sole purpose of cleansing the records of information that would jeopardize his candidacy. The breach of the passport records of the other candidates was to create confusion. Passport files include an applicant’s name, gender, social security number, date and place of birth, and passport number. Additional information may include birth certificates, naturalization certificates, or oaths of allegiance for American-born persons who adopted the citizenship of a foreign country as minors. The Senate Foreign Relations Committee oversees the State Department. Joseph Biden, now Obama’s Vice President, was the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the time of the breach. [9]

A State Department employee, Lt. Quarle Harris, Jr., per his supervisors, had access to those records and scrubbed the passport records to erase any mention of Obama’s CIA activities and his personal information. Thereafter, Harris decided to cooperate with the FBI about the unusual break-in. Soon thereafter, someone killed Harris. [10] People discovered his body in his parked car. Someone had shot him in the head, execution style. [11] Obama used the Indonesian passport, originally issued in the name of Barry Soetoro, to travel to Pakistan to assist the Afghan Mujahedeen during the American military buildup.[12]

After his election, in late 2008, Obama attempted unsuccessfully to appoint John O. Brennan as the Director of the CIA, perhaps as a reward for his service? Brennan, who supported torture and the transfer of terrorist suspects (extraordinary rendition) to Diego Garcia or other areas where interrogators could torture them, withdrew his nomination. Then, Obama appointed him as his counterterrorism advisor, a position that did not require Senate confirmation. In April 2012, Brennan admitted that the CIA engaged in drone attacks in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. He maintained that these activities should be legal and that they were moral and effective. [13] [14]Brennan also helped to reorganize the process under which officials, via the Disposition Matrix database, added people outside of war zones to the list of drone targets. This reorganization helped to Obama’s power over the life and death of American citizens.

Obama again nominated John O. Brennan as the Director of the CIA. The Senate scheduled a vote on Brennan’s nomination for March 6, 2013. Despite Senator Rand Paul’s 13-hour filibuster defining the Obama administration’s immoral use of drones, the Senate confirmed Brennan for the office. Paul said, “No one politician should be allowed to judge the guilt, to charge an individual, to judge the guilt of an individual and to execute an individual. It goes against everything that we fundamentally believe in our country.” [15] Official swore Brennan into the office of CIA Director on March 8, 2013.

The CIA is not an intelligence-gathering agency. The Truman Administration authorized “psychological warfare” by the newly established National Security Council in NSC 4-A of December 1947 which allowed covert operations during peacetime. This document made the CIA Director responsible for psychological warfare and placed it under the exclusive direction of the Executive Branch. The CIA has un-vouchered funds which allow the agency to operate without exposure or Congressional oversight. [16]

With pressure from the Departments of State and Defense, officials issued a new NSC directive, NSC 10/2 on June 18, 1948. It stipulated that the CIA could conduct “covert” and “psychological” operations both of which the US Government sponsors against foreign states or groups. However, these activities should be “planned and executed in such a way as to provide plausible deniability if revealed. Approved CIA clandestine activities, according to the directive, include “propaganda; economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerrillas and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world. Such operations should not include armed conflict byrecognized military forces, espionage, counter-espionage, and cover and deception for military operations.” [17]

During the 2008 presidential change-promising campaign Obama avoided detailed questions about his alleged years at Columbia by saying that he was very anti-social and totally uninvolved with the academic community. Further, he claimed that he lived off campus. For someone who loves the limelight and never misses an opportunity to engage in rhetoric, it is an enigma that he would isolate himself from typical college activities unless, of course, that is simply justification to account for his absence during the time that he was supposed to be attending Columbia.

In mid-February 2010, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs alerted the reporters who regularly cover the White House that they were not to ask certain questions including Obama’s job with CIA front company, Business International Corporation (BIC), following his alleged attendance at Columbia University. Nor were they to ask about Obama’s school records during the time that he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles (1979-1981), and his records at Columbia. [18]

If Obama was a CIA operative who, with political connections, super funding and media puffing, made it to the White House – is he still a CIA operative bent on destroying what is left of the American economy? Harry Truman, a 33rd Degree Freemason, to implement global governance, established the CIA. Freemasonry is a front group for a certain group of people whose objectives are world governance.

Wayne Madsen claims that his Kabul sources claim that President Obama has maintained a personal correspondence with a private military company (PMC) whose senior personnel includes numerous Afghan Mujahedeen-Soviet war veterans who fought with the late Northern Alliance commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who became Afghanistan’s Defense Minister in 1992 and who someone assassinated on September 9, 2001, allegedly by al-Qaeda agents. The firm is also involved in counter-insurgency operations in Colombia, where Obama is building seven new military bases, and in Iraq.

Henry Kissinger said, “Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for the establishment of ‘a New World Order.” [19]The Satanic Illuminati, whose objective is world dominance through one-world governance, infiltrated the upper echelon of Freemasonry long ago.
 People claim that Barack Obama is a 32nd degree Prince Hall Freemason. Certainly, Prince Hall Freemasons, Jesse Jackson and Charles Rangel, supported his presidency. [20] Whether he is a Freemason or not, he might indeed be the chosen vessel of the Jewish proponents of a New World Order. There is no doubt that he is a Zionist asset who has surrounded himself with Zionists like Rahm Emanuel, a duel citizen of both Israel and America, a questionable allegiance the Supreme Court would not acquiesce to with our close neighbor, Mexico. Despite his campaign promises, Obama intends to pursue the same Neo-Con policies in the Middle East as the previous administration, as evidenced by his speech before the 2008 AIPAC Policy Conference where he was introduced by his friend, Lee Rosenberg, a fellow Chicago resident. [21]

Jerusalem's newspaper, Ha’aretz, dated November 13, 2008, reported, “In the Chicago Jewish community many people really are long-time friends" of Obama. “Some of the older people in the community say that they ‘raised him,’ while others half-jokingly call Obama ‘the first Jewish president.’” Dr. Henry Makow wrote, “The Illuminati can take a particular child and manipulate things from behind the scenes and open all the right doors for this person, and they can get them the grants and the schooling and everything they need and adding impetus to this person’s career is the mind control that is steering them in that direction too. The end product is you end up with somebody who is an engineer or a lawyer or a politician who is very highly qualified for what they are doing. Barack Obama fits this description.” [22]

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Jefferson Morley: A Disinfo Agent at Work

Jim Fetzer 

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”—former Director William Colby (1975) 
A story from, "Top 4 Revelations from the New JFK Files", by Jefferson Morley, reveals more than the author intended by providing a nice illustration of a disinformation agent (almost certainly CIA) at work. The first of four revelations he cites--that the Mayor of Dallas, Earle Cabell, the brother of Deputy Director of the CIA, Lt. Gen. Charles Cabell, USAF, whom JFK dismissed after the Bay of Pigs, had joined the CIA in the 1950s--is deliberately trivialized here, when it represents the key connection between Dallas and the CIA. Dealey Plaza was literally the brother's backyard.
Indeed, I spent nearly ten years--from 1971 to 1981--contemplating the connection between the CIA and Dallas in the conviction that it held the key to the assassination. When I discovered that the Mayor of Dallas was the brother of one of the two Deputy Directors fired by JFK (the other being Richard M. Bissell Jr.),went to the archives of New College of the University of South Florida, where I was teaching at the time, and found WHO'S WHO (1965), which confirmed my suspicion: Charles was born in Dallas in 1903; Earle near Dallas in 1906. I republished their entries in Assassination Science (1998), page 370, with which Morley has to be familiar because it shattered the cover-up in the assassination of JFK.
I noticed that he was a bit vague and non-specific about exactly when Earle Cabell joined the CIA, which turns out to have been in 1957. We even have the agreement that he signed upon joining. My inference is that Morley and his handlers were worried that, by being specific about the year, it would immediately bring to mind that, since JFK was taken out in 1963, this was prior to the assassination, where, in his capacity as Mayor, he had control of the Dallas Police Department, ceremonial activities and the like, including motorcades. So he simply left that information out:

Morley's second and third revelations are comparatively unimportant. The second concerns the interrogation of Yuri Nosenko, a KGB intelligence officer, who defected to the United States in 1964. This is to implant the subtle inference that the Soviet Union might have had something to do with it. And the third (to burnish his credential in the pursuit of the truth about the assassination, he mentions that Larry Sabato and Philip Sheron have reported that one of the newly released files shows that, in the mid-1970s, an assistant to CIA counter-espionage expert, James Angleton, who was undoubtedly involved, had dissented from the Warren Commission's findings:
This was interesting to me because, in "FETZER: Truth or Conspiracy", The Daily Cavalier (24 October 2013), I previously called out Larry Sabato for contending that, even though the Warren Commission made a mess of its investigation, it nevertheless got its conclusion right: Lee Oswald was he lone assassin of JFK! I wrote to Sabato and attached a copy of "Reasoning about Assassinations", which I presented at Cambridge and published in a peer-reviewed, international journal, which demonstrates you can prove a conspiracy by locating where JFK was hit in the back:
The Daily Cavalier used the wrong title: this conspiracy was real.
Indeed, I have been similarly incensed by Noam Chomsky, who, like Sabato and Morley, has abused his position to promote palpable nonsense about JFK and 9/11 alike. I published about them both here, "Noam Chomsky and Larry Sabato: Mainstream Purveyors of JFK disinformation" (30 December 2015),  I have interviews on line you can access by searching for "Fetzer on Chomsky", one of which is notable for showing Chomsky making the very assertions for which I fault him, confirming my characterization of him as a major purveyor of JFK disinformation:
He even maintains that "no serious policy issues" were at stake, so even if there had been a conspiracy to take out JFK, it was unimportant--which is simply absurd! Morley's fourth of the new JFK revelations, where he uses the same records to argue that the JFK investigation was not so much "botched" as it was "controlled" by top CIA officials, which is beyond debate. He goes on to suggest that these revelations diminish support for the theory that the KGB did it, but add support for the theory that Castro did it, which is preposterous when you know the evidence:
I make that assertion because, once you know that there are more than 15 indications of the Secret Service setting him up for the hit; that the body was altered and the X-rays were faked during and following the autopsy held at Bethesda Naval Hospital; and that the home movies of the assassination, including especially the Zapruder film, was massively edited (removing, by my latest estimate, more frames from the original than we have in the extant film today), the range of viable alternative theories becomes dramatically restricted. None of these things could have been done by the KGB, pro- or anti-Castro Cubans or the Mafia. They are distractions from the real perps:

From "JFKfacts" (17 December 2012)
My suspicions about Jefferson Morley were initially aroused when he came out-of-the-blue with a new web site called "JFKfacts", thereby implying that everything it published was true, and immediately declared that my first web site,, was "among the worst", where, when challenged, he justified himself with the pseudo-explanation, "We include Assassination Science on our “Worst JFK Web sites” primarily because of Jim Fetzer’s claim that the Zapruder film was altered. This claim is not supported the facts or logic. The film is potent evidence of a shot from the front. That’s why it was suppressed for twelve years." 

Since The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003) with contributions from the leading experts on the film, including John P. Costella, Ph.D., David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., David Lifton, Jack White, David Healy conclusively demonstrates that the film had been massively revised (running 500 + xx pages in length), it was obvious to me that he was either completely uninformed about research on the film or else was disinformation. Consider, for example, that the blow-out at the back of the head is blacked out in earlier frames but can be seen in frame 374:

Indeed, the blow out closely corresponds to David W. Mantik's determination of the area of the lateral, cranial X-ray that had been patched ("Area P") to conceal the fist-sized defect reported in Assassination Science (1998), I knew that he could not possibly be on the up-and-up, especially when I had been doing lectures and interviews to report this discovery as one of the most important findings of our collaborative research on the assassination of JFK:

In other publications, I have explained how Morley and David Talbot appear to have deliberately sabotaged an investigation into the role of notorious CIA assassin, David Sanchez Morales, in Bobby's death as well: "RFK: Outing the CIA at the Ambassador" (originally published in 2011), which is what you would expect of someone working for the agency. My skepticism about Talbot has grown exponentially with the publication of The Devil's Chessboard (2016), which attempts to cast Allen Dulles as the crucial figure in the assassination of JFK, who appears to have been Lyndon Johnson.

There is substantial proof that LBJ was the linchpin, where his life had been dedicated to becoming “the president of all the people”.  As Phillip F. Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2nd revised edition, 2011) documents, he was relentless in its pursuit.  Madeleine Duncan Brown, Texas in the Morning (1997), Barr McClellan, Blood, Money & Power (2003), and Billy Sol Estes, A Texas Legend (2004), have also identified LBJ as the pivotal player, which has been confirmed by E. Howard Hunt, “Last Confessions” (2007), who identified LBJ, Cord Meyer, David Atlee Phillips, William Harvey and David Sanchez Morales "the chain of command”. Even Jack Ruby asserted that, if someone else had been Vice President, the assassination would never have occurred.
What we discern in the conduct of notable representatives of the press such as Jefferson Morley, Larry Sabato, David Talbot and (even) the intellectual icon, Noam Chomsky, demonstrates that the public cannot place its trust in the mainstream media today, which attacks the alternative media as "fake news" when serious research exposes the opposite to be the case. And it provides further stunning confirmation of the observation to Congress by William Colby that the CIA owns everyone of any significance in the media, which is even more true today than it was in 1975.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. If Jefferson Morley, Larry Sabato, David Talbot or Noam Chomsky take exception to my allegations, I would be glad to arrange for a public debate on the matter.