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Fired by Jeff Rense for Disputing Las Vegas Fantasies

On "The Raw Deal" (19 October 2017), after I had featured an audio/video professional who had confirmed that the sound of gunshots in Las Vegas was prerecorded and played over the concert's PA system and a second guest who has found that various of the alleged "victims" died in different locations of different causes, some on different dates, I was fired by Jeff Rense.

These findings reinforce the medical evidence from experts, including a military surgeon and an American trauma surgeon, that the patients shown in multiple videos are actors with fake wounds. Which may explain why the Clark County Coroner's Office is on lock-down. They would have been besieged with requests for death certificates and autopsy reports when, under the circumstances, there aren't any.
Rense is promoting the completely absurd idea that this was an attack by ISIS in Las Vegas, where the shooting and injuries inflicted--including the dead and wounded--are real and that it was carried out by MUSLIMS! He had mocked my research during the third hour of his own show the night before (18 October 2017), where I confronted and dissected his indefensible claims during mine the following day. Apparently, he didn't like what I had to say.

Because the medical, audio and video evidence I presented--which builds on the medical evidence I previously published and discussed--blows his theory apart, I have embarrassed him. He already knew that Scott Bennett and I would be leaving for another network on 1 November--of which I had previously informed him (17 October 2017)--and (my best guess is) he needed a cover-story to explain our departure away (see

But how could anyone buy any variation on this having been a bona fide event? We know James Murren, the CEO of MGM/Mandalay Bay, sold 80% of his stock in advance--no doubt, to buy it back at a much reduced price and pocket the difference--and that George Soros had placed a $42 million short on the company, which, of course, made him a bundle when the stock fell following the shooting. The motives in this case extend to making billions by placing X-ray machines not only in resorts and casinos in Las Vegas but hospitals, schools and more across the USA.

Scott Bennett and I have presented an overview of the evidence using nearly 100 slides. There is no case for a single shooter, for ISIS involvement or of any role for Muslims! Egad! The FBI has wiped clean the cell phone and laptop pictures and videos of witnesses at the scene! How could anyone continue to take seriously the official narrative when the FBI ITSELF is engaging in the destruction of evidence and the obstruction of justice? That our own federal government is covering up what happened in Las Vegas demonstrates that the public is being misled.

The Jesus Campos Deception

Another is that the security guard, Jesus Compos, who has disappeared and whom the authorities claim they are unable to locate, turned up on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He was waiting to do five interviews--including one with Sean Hannity on Fox--when he completely disappeared! No one seems to know his whereabouts, yet he turns up on TV, no less, with Ellen DeGeneres. Take a look and form your own impressions of the exchange between them:

He seems a bit anxious and insecure, but that could be attributed to being on television. Less easy to overlook, it's not the same guy! Here are some images of the man on Ellen's show to show the difference. He must weigh 30-50 lbs more than the original "Campos" (left) and has a larger cranium and a much fatter face. The eyes and eyebrows are close but not the same and is missing moles on the lower-left of his chin. These are clearly not the same "Jesus":

Notice, too, that the original "Campos" wears glasses, but the "Campos" on Ellen does not. He was also giving a story line (about his confronting the shooter at the END of his spree), which has been officially changed to his encounter having occurred BEFORE he began. We never see the audience, either, which suggests that this was taped early on a stage with no audience present (sound track added). As though that were not sensational enough, the original "Campos" appears to be the husband of the allegedly married "terrorists" in the San Bernardino event:

Here's a video investigation I did, "The Real Deal: Staging Attacks from Sandy Hook to San Bernardino", with a highly qualified EMT, who explains, in detail, how none of the standard procedures (SOP) for medical emergencies were followed in Sandy Hook or in San Bernardino. We even have the Craig's List ad for extras in San Bernardino, with "good pay" and coverage for expenses, Call Date of 1 December 2015, going LIVE on 2 December 2015:

Las Vegas, San Bernardino, Sandy Hook

The blatancy of these charades boggles the mind. The government of the United States has become complicit in the production of one staged event after another, which followed in the wake of the nullification of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, which precluded the use of the same techniques of disinformation and propaganda within the United State as were being used without. It was done by Barack Obama by signing the NDAA for 2013. This is his legacy.

Just as we have the Craigslist ad for extras in San Bernardino, we have the ad for extras in Las Vegas 15 days before the event, which was just enough time to gather them together and explain their role as extras in a made-for-TV movie. By combining audio special effects with video special effects and having members of the crowd of 20,000--perhaps numbering a few hundred--it was possible to induce the spectators to stampede!

How would it be possible to have over 500 wounded by the impact of high velocity bullets and yet have the three hospitals in closest proximity to the crime have no admissions of gunshot victims! To which Jeff Rense replies, "Well, of course they are going to say that. They have been told to deny all inquiries about everything, of course they are going to say that, they are not going to release the names and give pictures of the wounds and wounded", which is frankly absurd.

As I explained during "The Power Hour" (18 October 2017), "It was a movie! It was a made-for-TV production with auditory and visual special effects", which had a producer and a director, even though at present we may not know their names. The abysmal state of the union manifests itself in the on-going determination of local, state and federal officials--including of the FBI--to mislead and deceive the public by staged events that are calculated to instill fear into the nation to promote a political agenda. They continue to perform acts of terrorism upon the American people.

Jim Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus on the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota. The co-editor of, he has a new radio show, "Bad Deals", on Revolution Radio, which will begin broadcasting on 2 November 2017. 

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Dr. Eowyn: It’s War: Bannon takes on anti-Trump GOP establishment, as George Soros enlarges his army with $18B

Sean Moran reports for Breitbart, Oct. 18, 2017, that after declaring his plan to dislodge establishment Republicans in next year’s primary elections, Steve Bannon — Breitbart News Executive Chairman and former Trump White House chief strategist — has begun meeting with big Republican donors who are frustrated with Congressional Republicans’ inability to pass any significant legislation, such as repealing and replacing Obamacare, tax reform, and funding a southern border wall.

Bannon reportedly is lining up a series of primary challenges who he believes will back President Trump’s agenda, against GOP incumbents and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). Bannon said at the Values Voter Summit last week:
“Yeah, Mitch, the donors — the donors aren’t happy. They’ve all left you. We’ve cut your oxygen off, Mitch, OK? Money is not courageous, but money is smart, OK?”
Andy Surabian, a senior adviser to the Great American Alliance and ex-White House aide, told Breitbart News:
“We’re planning on building a broad anti-establishment coalition to replace the Republican Party of old with fresh new blood and fresh new ideas.
The only thing the Republican establishment has succeeded in is clarifying to the American people that they don’t represent their interests. Their repeated failures to govern have only crystallized their lack of vision or backbone. The group of candidates we are looking to support in 2018 are all bound together in their agreement that the new Republican Party must be bold in their thinking and aggressive in their tactics.”
Here are the big GOP donors with whom Bannon has met:
  1. Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, who had donated, in the last six months, $2 million to a super PAC aligned with McConnell, as well as tens of thousands of dollars to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), only to watch the Senate fail repeatedly. Marcus signaled that he is willing to back Senate Republican primary challengers, although he will give Republicans until the end of the year to pass significant legislation and then weigh his options. Marcus’s adviser Steve Hantler said, “Like many donors, if the gridlock continues in Washington, Mr. Marcus will consider new approaches to breaking the gridlock, including those proposed by Steve Bannon and others.”
  2. Venture capitalist John Childs, who recently donated $400,000 to McConnell’s 2014 reelection.
  3. Gore-Tex heiress Susan Gore, a major backer of libertarian causes.
  4. Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, one of the Republican party’s most prominent donors.
  5. Eric Crown, the longtime backer of Senate GOP reelection efforts.
  6. Wyoming investor Foster Friess, who is so frustrated with the Republican establishment that he’s exploring a possible primary challenge to Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY).
  7. Dan Eberhart, an energy executive and past NRSC contributor who’d stopped donating to the Republican party. As he explained, “I’m extremely frustrated with that whole complex. I feel like they’re asking us to reward failure.”
In addition, Bannon also pitched his 2018 midterm strategy against Republican incumbents to major donors in New York City yesterday (Oct. 18).

Even Vice President Mike Pence urges Republican donors to withhold their donations and give to GOP primary challengers if Congress fails to pass President Trump’s agenda. Pence’s Chief of Staff Nick Ayers said,
“Just imagine the possibilities of what can happen if our entire party unifies behind him [Trump]? If — and this sounds crass — we can purge the handful of people who continue to work to defeat him.”

Steven Bannon will need a huge war chest because evil financier George Soros is assembling one of the world’s largest “foundations” to promote and engineer the most destructive leftwing causes.

The Wall Street Journal reports (via Los Angeles Times), that George Soros is pumping $18 billion (more than 78% of his $23 billion estimated net worthinto his Open Society Foundation, making it one of the world’s largest “philanthropic” organizations.

The Open Societies Foundation has funded a host of programs around the world, including Black Lives Matter in the U.S., and “refugee relief” in Europe.
See also:

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Anastasia Smith: Heroes were in abundance at the Las Vegas Massacre

Heroes were in abundance at the Las Vegas Massacre

Anastasia Smith
[Editor's note: When you combine Anastasia's review of the video record and the medical experts evaluations of the apparent absence of bona fide victims and wounds (see "Paul Craig Roberts: Military Surgeon says Videos of Las Vegas Gunshot Victims are Fake" and "Paul Craig Roberts: An American Trauma Surgeon Responds", for example) and the case for medical fakery becomes almost overwhelming. Consider, therefore, what Anastasia has to say about the large number of videos she has reviewed. Comment on what you take to be the strongest case that anyone apart from the patsy was actually killed.]

All at first believed it was firecrackers being shot off. For most, it wasn't until the second volley of bullets, that the sudden realization came. This was the very common understanding of the crowds interviewed. But the shock, and the instinct to do what human nature usually does, i.e., duck or flee running for your lives, did not happen at the concert, despite what we saw on the videos. Many stood back or came back into what they saw as the "killing zone" and with bullets being rained down on them, and in the immediate aftermath when they had every reason to expect that help was on the way, they acted in very affirmative and daring way to aid others. 

The heroics in aiding the victims was not seen from the Las Vegas EMTs, ambulance crews or firefighters, who did not seem to be present in any of the film of the aftermath, but from the concert goers themselves. It has been published that the authorities, i.e., EMT, firefighters, etc., did not get the "all clear" to go in due to the lack of assurance that the shooting stopped. We know that inexplicably this did not happen for almost 1.5 hours.   

And those concert goers who aided the victims of bullet wounds, many, if not virtually all , were perfect strangers to the victims. 
One guy, Mike Cronk, saved three of four people. A person he called "his buddy", he told the interviewer,  was shot three times in the chest. His friend turned to him, and said, "I think I've been shot" (he was not sure). No one called a doctor; no one sought an ambulance. He himself took his "buddy" and three other bullet wounded victims who he did not know in an SUB to go to the hospital, and states that one of them, while  being carried out of the vehicle, died in his arms. Would he not expect something like this to happen to a person critically injured without medial attention from the authorities, or an ambulance?  

One other civilian, a stranger known only as "Shane", took a woman, Tina Frost, ( who had been shot in the eye and lost her entire forehead and some frontal brain matter, according to her mother and doctor.) and wrapped a towel around her head, and carried her in this condition off the grounds and put her in the back of a pick up truck? How did they then know that help from the authorities was not coming? Did they not fear that the trip in this kind of vehicle would kill her?   

There are many other similar stories of civilians all told from the below interviews: that there were many strangers carrying people, dragging them, putting them in wheelbarrows, and  taking injured people to the hospital - either in the back of a pick up truck or in a car or SUV. All were shot with bullets, many if not all were critically injured.
Inconceivably there were accounts of people, not doctors, untrained, putting their fingers into the wounds of people they were trying to aid to stop bleeding? Fingers that had been where previously? There were accounts of people being shot in the stomach, in the back, in the neck and even in the heart  being helped by these heroes to  jump or climb over  fences to save themselves. (See their accounts below.) Are these stories in any way credible?  

Is this normal human conduct? Is it heroic? Did any of the heroes fear  taking responsibility for possibly hurting a person more than they were already hurt by moving them, carrying them, dragging them, putting them in wheel barrows, and in the back of pick up trucks, or even killing them, by taking such action? How can you take a person who was shot in the head, shot in the stomach, shot in the back in the back, help them over 10 foot fences, put your fingers in their wounds, load them into the back of pick-up trucks, without so much as looking for an ambulance, screaming for a doctor, and expect them to survive?  
Most rational people would not dare treat the critically injured in this way, unless they knew how to handle the  matter medically. They would scream for a doctor, an ambulance, the police. Remember the old expression, "Is there a doctor in the house?" I did not hear any such account of that call. The heroes simply picked them up, carried them on what looked like pieces of fence or wheel barrows--and where did all those dehumanizing wheel barrows come from?--and then put them in the backs of pick-up trucks, holding fingers in their wounds until they got to the hospital.
Many of these people were taking this action for strangers, perfect strangers, and they were doing it while believing that bullets were raining down on them?
There was an account by a hero and victim of a stranger to the victim, using his body to cover the body of an injured person while bullets were purportedly raining down on them. Is this human nature? For a child, yes. For a wife, yes. For a loved one, yes. But for a stranger? While giving your life for another, a person unknown to you, is considered heroic, it is not considered the more common action of human nature. In many, if not most, of such cases, those being shielded were strangers, perfect strangers.      

Many, many other stories like this and they are below shown from interviews taken by the MSM with the heroes or victims themselves. "Astonishing!" does not quite describe the accounts I listened to. "Incredible!" is closer to it.
I always thought that heroic action was rare, which is the reason it is so celebrated when we see it. It is the human condition that causes us, when our life is threatened, to duck, flee and run for our very lives. But not in Las Vegas. There were more heroes at that concert than there were recipients of the Silver Star during World War II. 

I am more than impressed. I am flabbergasted, and I must  question the reasonableness of their taking the action they did, i.e., picking up and carrying a stranger who was shot in the back, or in the head or in the stomach, and putting them in the back of pick-up trucks, something that could have kiledl them. Were they not fearful of killing them. Was there no fear at all? At best, it is mindless heroism, a foolish heroism - an act that not only can kill the person they are trying to help, but kill themselves in the process.  
Many of these heroes mention the lack of ambulances, EMT, doctors, or anyone else in authority aiding the victims. Yet, they were doing these things while bullets were raining down on them; they were doing these things in the immediate aftermath when they had every reason to expect that help was on the way. 
And I found it a little curious that rather than anger and fury at the police, the EMTs, the firefighters and those in authority who did not come into the grounds, the concert goer victims and heroes were complacent and accepted the lack of help with perfect equanimity. As a matter of fact, the heroes and victims all had perfect understanding that it should be they themselves and not the authorities to offer help. They did not question not the lack of response from EMTs, firefighters, ambulances and police to aid the victims.      
Sheriff Lombardo said that they were there, but it is clearly evident from all the videos that no ambulance was at the scene, no EMTs, no police aiding the victims. No evidence in any video at all. What they show are civilians with wheel barrows, and stretchers made of fence, putting people into the backs of pick-up trucks and cars. I watched almost all the videos and never saw an EMT, save for one - exactly one video of a  person behaving like an EMT, shouting orders, evaluating the injured in a rough way, never aiding them, but shouting, shouting, shouting. He later admitted when he was asked, "Who are you?", that he was not an EMT, but called himself an "innocent bystander", whose mother was once a nurse? This is the answer of a psychotic. And, astonishingly enough, not one person, nor the families of any victim voiced anger or fury for the lack of response from the authorities. Instead of suing the police, the fire dept, the EMTs, and hospitals, only The Mandalay Hotel and gun manufacturers are being targeted.
This looks like bringing bodies from a funeral home to be "victims"
Another thing: The media simply refuses to tell us how many of the 529 victims were victims of bullet wounds, as opposed to being injured in another way, i.e.. falling, being trampled, etc. But it is very clear from the interviews given that the most critically injured and dying were  only aided in the ways described by the concert goers alone - and all were victims of bullets and not from other causes.  So who were the authorities treating 2-3 blocks away?    
Despite these numerous accounts of bullet wounds and heroic action, in not one of the numerous videos  do we ever see anyone get shot. We see no blood spurting, no bodily material, no one dropping to the ground. Nor do we see any visual  evidence of bullets, i.e., sparks, smoke, bullets hitting inanimate objects - only the "sound of bullets", which sound seems to travel whereever one goes, according to the witnesses, both inside and outside the concert grounds.  
An example - that it was the sound of bullets and not bullets - is the video showing a sea of people laying on the ground and you could not even see the ground beneath them, there were so many bodies lying low, waiting for the bullets to stop ringing out. The sound of bullets seemed to be very clearly raining down on them all. And yet no one  appears to be hit on these films. One woman at the scene utters her astonishment out loud on one video that "no one was injured." How is that possible? Paddock could have shot anywhere within 300 square feet and hit any of them as there was no barriers shown around them, only a sea of  bodies.    

I myself am convinced by the videos and the interviews that it was the sound of bullets that traveled, but not bullets themselves,  and this explains why shots were heard by so many, wherever they were. It was the sound of bullets wherever you were standing, where ever you went, which seemed to follow the witnesses who heard them, both inside and outside the concert grounds.   
As far as the accounts of heroics, the only word to describe my response is "incredulous". I find few, if any, credible at all. Many, if not most, were downright preposterous and wholly unworthy of belief. I have given an account of the interviews below, with little editing and no embellishment or even belittlement. You be the judge. It wasn't real.

The Las Vegas Massacre Hero Videos

Mike Cronk, hero, saved his buddy who was shot in the chest three times. Stayed with buddy during rain of bullets, carried him over a fence, and transported him by "wheel barrow" or "cart" wheeling him and putting him onto the back of a pick up truck which drove him to the hospital. There were no ambulances available because of "fire zone".  Buddy survived, but other victim died in his arms when trying to carry him out of the truck.  

Tina Frost, was shot in the eye and lost her eye and entire forehead, and bullet fragments in her brain according to mother and osteopath. Saving her life is being crediting to a man known only as "Shane". Hero Shane helped Frost's boyfriend, Austine, carry her to a pickup truck, holding his shirt on her eye, as they sped to hospital. Shane placed her in a wheelchair before she was taken into the hospital.;;   


Kristen Bollinger - severely injured requiring surgery. Parents thought she was dead. Couple of young men risked their lives to save hers. Two young fellows used their bodies to cover hers.One lost his life saving hers, and other survived. They saved her life, but they do not know their names. 

US Marine Troy Winston stole a truck to save lives. When shooting starts, saw people getting shot all around; started throwing people over the fence. People were critically injured. Ran to the parking lot and stole truck, and getting critically injured into the truck. Let's go and get some people; went back to concert grounds - took 10 to 15 people, torso wounds, everyone critically injured. He made two trips and got between 20 and 40 people critically injured to the hospital. No ambulances around. 

Keri Galvan bullet wound victim. Keri died in the arms of her husband, who was a former Marine who fought in Iraq.   

Kacy Thompsona EMT was at the concert to enjoy music. When bullets rained down, he decided to stay and try to help.  "We walked into the kill zone." I realized the girl in front of me dropped. She was shot in the head dead.  Other injuries we saw, people shot to the chin, neck. We saw them all shot. We realized we needed to go because all were falling around him, but we stayed. Stayed to help; I knew how to treat them, bandage them and stop their bleeding in order to save their lives - there were still guns going off, still bullets flying, while I was bandaging people, covering people. I called my Mom and told her I was helping people. That was the only call I made. I was helping these people who were shot from head to toe. When we were pulling people to location, there were no ambulances, fire trucks. They may have been in a distance. We did not see them. Trauma nurse and firefighter who were concert goers, doing CPR, bandaging people. Ambulances could not come in until it was clear. Carrying bodies over our shoulder to cars, anything to get our hands on. Hard to count - 70 plus people I helped.I covered at least 5 bodies. I don't know how I did it, but I would do it again, in a heartbeat. 

Tom MacIntosh was shot in the leg. A perfect stranger "James" helped him. While trying to  help his  wife over wall and another lady over the "wall", that is when Tom got shot. Someone tried to help me, fitted a tourniquet but was not doing it right, and James came alone and tied a tourniquet right, I was bleeding out. Hung out 10-15 minutes, and some stranger in a pick up truck asked if we needed a ride and we got in the back of the truck and went to hospital. James is a Marine, too, and former EMT, and had training. Dozens of other concert goers doing the same thing - kept going back into the concert area to help others. 

Jonathan Smith, hero, credited with saving the lives of 30 people, even though he himself was shot in the neck while he was assisting others. Bullet is still in the neck; and he is still in a little pain on 10/4 when interview given.  (bandage displayed in later photo shows shoulder wound, not neck wound). He went back and ran towards the bullets; he did not know what he was thinking. I do not know what made me turn back around - maybe the screams. Felt if I could help one, it would be fair. Does not describe what he did, but he is being celebrated as one of the greatest heroes there. Thirty people are alive because of him. He said anyone would do what he did.  San Diego off duty officer from San Francisco, Tom McGrath, who was a concert goer saved Smith by stopping the bleeding by putting his finger inside the wound, put him down on concrete, and later helping him to the back of a pick-up truck which took him to the hospital. Off duty officer McGrath said that Smith inspired me to help and I got him out of there. People were there, people were dying but no one died alone. People were holding their hand, everyone rallied. .   

British Columbian Braden Matejk said to his wife, "I think I've been shot in the head". He was shot in the back of his head, blood sprayed, and the bullet came out three inches away from where it went in. Blood was spraying out, people took their shirt off and wrapped it around my head; got me to the road, and stopped a passerby who put me in the back of her "car" and drove me to the hospital. If it was an inch over or a different trajectory, it would have gone into my skull and I would have been gone. Shows pictures of wounds and these wounds are not in any way credible.

Brian Frazer, husband of Stephanie Frazer, shot in the stomach. Saw him bleeding from stomach. Husband of young children. Stood up during volley of shots. Wife was one foot away. He died peacefully, she said. He had a peaceful look on his face.    

Natalie Vanderstay, shot in the stomach. Hurt so bad. I kept pushing forward and I walked and I was being trampled, and it was so hard to move. I had to step on people and I jumped over a fence, and I was not stopping. Cab driver saved me. Closest hospital was sunrise, but the cab driver did not think I would make it. Asked me if I would be OK, and I told him I would be OK. Got me to the trauma center, and they put pressure on the wound. I called and told people I had been shot, and I do not know who the cab driver is.

Sonny Melton, shot in the back. Wife Heather told Sonny we should get down, but he said, no we should go. They started running - and while running he got shot in the back and we fell to the ground. Wife Heather Melton, heroine,  saw that he was still breathing and gave him CPR while shots were still raining down around them. He died. .

(1) Mike Cordic, HERO, an off-duty firefighter and concert goer was giving CPR to someone when he was shot in the arm. He kept doing CPR chest compression with one arm until he noticed he was bleeding. (2) Five year old Eddie Heuser, separate from his mother, and a stranger saw him standing alone and stayed by his side; (3) Sheldon Mac, 21 years, was celebrating 21st birthday at concert was shot in the arm and then the bullet went into his stomach, when a stranger hero put his finger to his bullet wound and kept it on the wound when he was taking by truck driven by a Marine, hero, and taken to the hospital. He does not know who he is, bur found him at the hospital, Jimmy. Also found Marine vet who drove Jimmy and Sheldon to the hospital, who saved 30 other lives. Owes him a beer.

Barbara Langone of Tewksbury, looked on social media to find the man, John of California, hero, who risked his life to save her. We went down when bullets rained down. Both got on ground and he just laid on top of me and told me to stay still. He covered me and talked to me every time the bullets went off and I kept calm. All I knew was his name from John. She found his picture by putting "John California" in social media and finding his picture. Spoke to him over the phone. I will never forget him.

Justin Uhart helped save Jan Lambourne's life after she was shot in the stomach, fracturing her pelvis. He refused to leave her side and was there when she went into surgery. They are bonded for life. She was in the crowd while Justin was bar-tending. Lying wounded, she had the strength to text her husband, "I love you so much". Justin put his hand on the wound. He and other strangers carried her to a nearby field full of injured, while trying to distract her by talking about whether she had cats. She had a desperate grip and begged, "Don't leave me." If it weren't for him, I would not be here. She has another son in Justin. 

23-year-old Jordan McIldoon from Canada, hero and victim, who spent his final minutes in the arms of a total stranger, who never left his side. She was a bartender at the concert, Heather Gooze, heroine. His fingers were squeezing my hand and then went loose. Stayed with Jordan's body for four hours. She called his mother (friend) and promised to stay with him. I called her again later and she said, "Be honest with me." I said, "He did not make it." Heather is not a heroine, she says, but she did save a family from agony of waiting hours to find out the fate of their loved one. Heather was interviewed again and now media says she stayed with two men who died in her arms.

Heather now tells her story for the third time to CNN. She speaks about being with another victim, Chris. Now talks about being in a car and taking him somewhere and holding his head. Then she talks about Jordan, but does not name him, but relates the grip loosening part of the story, so we know it is Jordan. She does not relate telephone conversation with mother, but with her friend, and finds out that Jordan, hero, had saved her friend's life somehow. It is all very confusing about who saved who. 

Paul Nguyen, hero, saved 4 persons shot. He did not leave concert but decided to stay behind to help others. Standing near a food truck he grabbed my friends to stand behind the truck. Told everyone to jump fence and go behind the police truck or car. Bullets got closer. "Sounded like they were hitting the car”. Lost friends when jumped over fence. He helped as many as I could. Pregnant woman grabbed onto me and begged him to help her. She wound up OK. We eventually all got to the airport and flagged down airport security. I asked the group whether anyone was shot, and someone said her husband was shot in shoulder and we got him in the car, someone else said they were shot in the thigh, and someone said she was shot in stomach. and another shot (voice not intelligible). Says four people shot. Got them in the airport security car and told driver to get them to safety, and they left and that was the last time I saw them. One of his friends that he lost got shot in the back and they removed the bullet, and another friend was shot in the lower back and he had surgery. 

Daniel McDonald,hero;  Marty Talbot, hero; Reighlynn Parsley and Taylor Brunner. (all interviewed) (1) Daniel said that someone was shot in the head, and we put pressure on it, and carried him in a wheel barrow. Ran back stage trying to find shooter, and there was a former Marine there who wanted to get him, too. He was yelling at people to move forward to  front of stage, which he says was the only safe spot. Giant RV in the back and told people to get behind it. He then saw woman covered in blood; saw a guy out in the field and he was on ground, had a gunshot wound in his head, and was bleeding from the top of his head, and we got a towel and applied pressure, and we moved him to a safer place right side of stage, which was the only safe spot. Bullets still coming down. Me and five other people picked him up carried him across the venue from far left to far right, applied pressure to head, took him to side, put him in a chair and he was chaired off. At this point the bullets must have stopped because we would have gotten shot. Another guy had a back wound; and we put him in a wheel barrow and took him off. I said to the guy, "God is with you don't worry, etc." Was like a war zone. I went back the last time and it was like a ghost town, and tried to find anyone else to needed help and everyone said "We're good. We're all good". All twenty-five friends he went to the concert with are OK. (2) Marty Talbot. Hero, said everyone around me fell down. Could not find his friend, Daniel. At this time, I turned around and headed toward exit and stepped over people. Girl in front got hit with a bullet in front of me. I looked around and saw a girl laying from floor, bleeding from her side, I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder; sat her down next to cop car. Hard to describe. (3) The girls did not see anything, which is odd because they were all together. 

Unknown girl from San Diego went to concert with friends to see the concert. Having a good time. We were having a blast, singing along, when we heard noise. Left of stage. Heard noise and thought fireworks. Floodlights came on. Good they came on because we could see. We hit the ground. Friend told me to drop to ground. We were holding hands with my friends We separated, and ran to the nearest exit, and this family took me in - one was an off duty cop and the other a nurse, heroes.  They kept me calm, and were protecting my body. They did not know me and were protecting me. My friend got shot in the foot, and someone helped her, too, and took her to a hotel room. Someone picked us up in a truck and took us to their house, and I stayed at their house. After I found my friends, we drove passed a street, Charleston, and there was a line down the block of people waiting to donate 

Veronike Maldonado lost her friend at concert, Angela Gomez, age 20, shot in the neck. Friend started gofundme and has $50,000 Collecting donations from car wash on Oct. 9. Everyone looks happy. Thought she was alive.  No one identified her, so she became a Jane Doe, so a friend who was supposed to go to concert with her but didn't, identified the body? Nothing else known about this one as far as what happened, but a lot of donation sites.

Michael Caster was shot and saved by his girlfriend heroine. I was on the ground and I could not move from the torso down. Shot through his lung and hitting his spine, just missing his heart. Part of his lung removed. Looking for experimental treatments. Girlfriend found a table that she used as a gurney and with others who helped carried him to a stranger's car that took him to the hospital. He might have died if his girlfriend did not get him to the hospital so quickly. 

Alie, Girlfriend of Phil Aurich who was shot in the back at concert was dragged by his girlfriend and put in the back seat of a police cruiser. Military man hopped in and saved him by putting  pressure on the bullet wound in his back. 

Kristin Babik. Was shot in the back, near her spine. Did not know she was shot. Thought someone threw a water balloon at her, or threw her drink on her,  but then felt the blood. Broken ribs and collapsed lung. Shortly thereafter she could not breathe. Gave interview on or before 10/4, 4 days after shooting, sitting up in bed without ventilation. Talks about someone helping her climb over the fence? How could she do that? Person who helped her over the fence hugged her and told her everything is going to be Okay. 

Nick Campbell, a 16-year-old basketball player, protecting his girlfriend when shot in his shoulder and chest.  Did not hurt that much because of his adrenaline. Stranger, hero, helped them. Told me to stand up. He tried to stop the bleeding, and put him on his shoulders, and took him and his girlfriend to an UBER (taxi). Army Vet driving UBER.  I almost passed out, but they were talking to me on the ride. Went to the University 1 trauma center. Part 2 of video: (2) Trish Frost's mother at hospital and met another woman there; Pearl Brunet from California, both daughters got facial injuries from bullets. Frost lost her eye and lost her whole forehead. No brain swelling. Brunet's injuries not described further.

Kelly Colbertson saved his girlfriend Christina who was shot in the heart. Is alive because of his quick thinking. (Does not describe.) He and girlfriend were concert goers, but he was  trained as a firefighter and EMT. Active shooter training in department. After first set of shots, sounded like firecrackers. Second set of volley of bullets,  and she told me she was no longer able to breathe. All of us hit the ground. I needed to protect her. Doing very well, four chest tubes taken out after open heart surgery. Final chest tube taken out today, (Oct. 8 video). Repair of her humerus.

2d interview of Kelly Colbertson now interviewed on CNN and said that they are doing a repair of her humerus.  She was shot in her heart and lung. Describes what he did. Conglomeration of efforts of other people.  With 2 other firefighters. Covered up one of the places we saw. Someone told him to cover up her lung (I thought he was an EMT?) and crowded over her to protect her. One of the people there protecting her got shot in the foot.  Moving her to cover; another barrage of bullets. Found another little beer cart. Picked her up, put her on the beer cart and wheeled her out.

Kurt Fowler, off duty firefighter, hero, was shot in the leg as he shielded his wife from bullets. Underwent surgery; another vacationing firefighter, Steve Keys, hero, of California, was giving someone CPR when bullet grazed his torso.  Brennan Stewart, age 30, hero, died while protecting his girlfriend from bullets. No one interviewed, This was just a media report with photos. Girlfriend said she would not be here if it were not for him.

Addison Short, age 18 was bullet hit her in the left leg. Has tattoo of her deceased father.

US Marine Taylor Winston, saved 20 people. Scrambled when shots fired and went into parking lot and stole a car to help people. Pinned against fence. I was throwing people over fence - people being shot all around. Torso wounds, limbs, neck, blood everywhere. Found truck with keys (stole it) and took it and went back with gunfire going and transported each trip 10-15 people, going down the line of people on the street. People who were critically injured were taken. Ambulances not on scene yet. Got around 20-30 people to hospital - two full trips, went back a third time. Got in and a lot less critically injured and then met up with friends after. Girlfriend has 2 broken vertebrae and fractured rib, she is doing OK. Injury prior to events.

Gunderson, hero, media commentator,  said he was shot in his leg. Gunderson said he was "wounded" trying to save others. (This one looks real to me.)  (This is the guy who met Trump). [Editor's note: See military surgeon's comments on this meeting between a man shot in the leg, standing to greet Trump: "I can assure you, if he had genuinely been shot through the leg with a high velocity bullet as they claim, he would not, so soon after the event, be able to stand up, neither would he have the desire to do so. This is a disgrace, and one finds it impossible to accept President Trump does not know it is all a completely staged event."]