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Is It Too Little, Too Late? Tillerson Explains What Trump Said About Jerusalem

By Richard Scheck

Donald Trump was the wrong person to deliver such a bold statement about the status of Jerusalem.  His unilateral declaration has predictably triggered a massive reaction from the rest of the world rejecting his decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Had he chosen to make a joint statement with President Putin or with an Arab leader like Turkey President Erdogan or Egyptian President Sisi, limiting his commitment to West Jerusalem and leaving open the final status of the City's East, he might have moved the stalled peace process forward.  That would have taken much more preparation and hard work to get them on board.

If you listen carefully to what Trump actually said on Wednesday, implicit in his comments was room for some flexibility along the lines Secretary of State Tillerson is now articulating.  But it sure didn't sound that way and the belated effort to provide nuance may be too little, too late!  
If your son-in-law is a Likudnik Jew closely tied for decades to Prime Minister Netanyahu whose illegal settlement policy has just gotten former National Security Adviser Flynn in a world of trouble for attempting to obstruct Obama's UN vote, your credibility on the issue is close to zero.
With casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson likely pulling lots of strings, the call went out from him to Bibi to The Donald to Jared Kushner and on to General Flynn last December:  get the Russians and the rest of the UN Security Council members to oppose condemnation of Israel's settlement policy.
That apparent Logan Act violation and collusion with Israel to interfere with US foreign policy has not (yet) drawn the wrath of the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the presidential election.  With a staff of anti-Trump, pro-Hillary antagonists and his own conflicts of interest surrounding Uranium One among other scandals, Mueller was a poor chose to head the probe.

Now the world has a more legitimate beef against the president:  his decision may well lead to greater chaos both in the region and across the globe.  Virtually every group and country has spoken out against the idea and the consensus is that it will result in open conflict in the near future.
With the unrelenting US/Israel/iSaudi belligerence towards Iran, that may have been the plan all along.  King Salman has criticized Trump's move making it harder to pull off a unified front against the Persians as well as demonstrating the weakness of Kushner's bromance with the Saudi Crown Prince.

It seems everything either of them touches falls apart and the besieged Tillerson has more than his work cut out attempting to explain away the mess created by the president and his son-in-law.
It's a mess of incredible proportions that Trump apologists ignore in their praise for their fearless leader.  They believe he's is doing a great job of creating jobs, opposing the corrupt Democrats and draining the swamp.

To some extent, that's all true.  But they seem to forget that he promised to put America first and stop our endless foreign entanglements.  He has done just the opposite in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Mali and many other locales while posturing for war against North Korea and deepening our entanglement with Israel and the Saudis.

If our status as the "indispensable nation" and world's policeman was a key issue in the 2016 campaign, then Trump is decidedly not the man he held himself out to be:  anti-globalist; anti-Neocon hawk; against foreign interventions like Hillary, McCain, Bush and Obama all promoted: and focused on Making America Great Again.

By stepping up so dramatically in support of the controversial policies of a foreign nation, President Trump has not only violated his own campaign promises, he has moved the world closer to WWIII.  Tasking Secretary Tillerson to explain away his ham-fisted decision may well be impossible given current developments and the world situation.


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of Penn Magazine is now online!

"... Nobody really listens to TV news anymore, just the dumb people. And you are not one of those. Nobody reads newspapers, just the ones with kids in sports. Nobody listens to radio, just the old guy at the post office who has Rush on full blast all afternoon.
Everyone is smarter than that.
’s other stuff to occupy our time. We don’t have to spend all day plowing fields or killing Indians, or discovering washer-dryers and automatic garage-door openers and security systems, that’s all been done.
We really don’t have that much to do. This is our Jetsons time, when we can just whooosh around in the air with no roads and have something like fun.
And It’s not really like that.
So, we imagine. We daydream. We wonder what life would be like

over there or … if only.
I imagine that when we are not sweating we are studying history.
There is more to it than you know: U.S. History. There are lots and lots of Indians slaughtered, the Ludlow Massacre, Haymarket Square, Palmer Raids, lynchings.

There is so much to know and if you don’t know at least some of it, you don’t know anything. You don’t know what’s going on as you watch CNN.
But, surprisingly, CNN does make sense if you know what you are looking at.

Penn Magazine is named in honor of Penn Jones, Jr., one of the very first citizen researchers into the murder of President John F. Kennedy. Jones owned a small weekly newspaper in Texas, and had the audacity to question the official story as told by the likes of national big-name journalists such as Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite.

In the December issue:

JAMES TRACY, on Sandy Hook

"Inconsistencies and anomalies abound when one turns an analytical eye to news of the Newtown school massacre.
"The public’s general acceptance of the event’s validity and faith in resolution suggest a deepened credulousness borne from a world where almost all news and information is electronically mediated and controlled. ..."

NICK KOLLERSTROM: "Yes warmongers have always employed deception you may say, but in this 21st century much more subtle levels of digital fabrication are being employed."

"We are winning, don’t worry!
 "There was an amazing statistic I heard on RT, that of Fox News viewers 47% believed the Sandy hook story we’d been told was bogus. ..."

PHIL FARRUGGIO: Don't want to be just another American idiot

"During these trying times, for any of us with even an ounce of rationale, please go out and get the 1997 Barry Levinson film Wag the Dog.

"This satire (is it really?) was originally based on the sexual scandals around our president at the time, Bill Ignore my smirksClinton. In reality this film is really a testament to many of our presidents and how they use phony foreign threats to raise their poll numbers. ..."

FRANK CORDARO, writing from the Douglas County Jail after correcting, with blood, the sign outside the Strategic Air Command Headquarters at Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha, Neb.: From "Peace Is Our Profession," to "War Is Our Profession."

"... Far from being damaged, we felt it was given a great improvement. What argument can be there to SAC’s true profession? It is war, Nuclear War. But in this Orwellian age we live in, truth if regarded as dangerous and those giving backbone to the Truth are eventually put away." ...

ANDRE VLTCHEK, on the Soviet Revolution: "The system of Western oppression often appears to be almost perfect

" ... But there is always one serious obstacle blocking the way of Western imperialism the barrier that prevents it from fully controlling and ruining the Planet. That obstacle, the barrier, is called the Great October Revolution and its legacy. ..."


" ... I wrote a lot of poems and essays about 9/11, some of which were in The Death of Sardanapalus and three anthologies that were entirely ignored though they had some terrific writing in them by better known folks than myself, but I don’t know that the truth will come out in our lifetime. ..."

"Leonard Peltier & Me"

" ... I walked up the steps to the penitentiary that I had walked up just months before as a scared, chained prisoner in the rain at midnight.
"I talked to Leonard, face to face, with the guard standing close by. ..."

RICHARD FLAMER, writing from Chiapas, just another massacre in a poor country

" ... On the 16th of July the helicopter returned, the soldiers aboard arrested five people who seemed to have been the unofficial leaders of the community including the Deacon of the Catholic Church, Diego Perez. The five were never seen again they joined the ranks of the disappeared.

The blame can be shared with U.S. immigration, with the greed of U.S.
business involved in Central  America, the minions of the U.S. interest who form the 12 families that rule Guatemala. The blame can come equally with the U.S. military and their training facilities at the School of Assassins in Georgia.

A Letter from Dan Berrigan

"Any place (like Harvard, Columbia, or St. Thomas) that is neglecting to give young people a vision of life, faith, a human future, doesn’t deserve to go on. I hope you leave there. I hope you find a community that is not lost in fantasy and immaturity with its mutterings of Communism and cults.
"That’s all so much useless bullshit. It has absolutely nothing to do with Christ or our Church. In fact, it’s like a so-called religious branch of the State Department or the Pentagon, peddling the kind of religion that will allow murder to be legitimized, nukes to be created, the innocent and poor to be wiped out. ..."

MICHAEL ANNIS: Howling at the mall

"Wolves at the Mall
whose credit is now restored,  lifelocked, paying for everything with plastic,
culturally adept,   socially savvy,   whose agents, accountants, & lawyers speak
      for them as they roll over & play dead
recognize how it is so utterly pass
é … UN-American … to not fetch for Mickey Mantle
to be Marxists, poets, or revolutionaries,        to KILL
for ideas rather tha
n sport             to play possum with the facts:
loosening their ties, rolling up the sleeves of their button downs,
and changing into their blue jeans, storm the decadent heavens
to rout(e) the soviet league of the militant godless$ for the benefit of their shareholders
preaching a new heaven and a new earth, one where God watches over Wall Street
in exchange for Wall Street doing God
’s work on earth,    showing the multitudes
that they too shall one day perform greater
more lucrative— miracles
than the loaves & fishes in the liberation theology of the triumph of capitalism

And more, in this edition of Penn Magazine ...

Mike Palecek, editor
Chuck Gregory, publisher

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pat McShay: Trump & Netanyahu, Palestine & Jerusalem, Haley & Kushner—What’s really going on?

By Patrick McShay

 “Trump and Netanyahu- Blind Guides and Hypocrites”

U.S. President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after Trump’s address at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem May 23, 2017. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

“What’s so grotesque and ironic about it is the whole point of the independent statute is to reassure the public that the investigation is above politics. That’s why it’s taken out of the Department Of Justice leadership. So you’d think that Mueller would go out of his way to assure that no one on his team could be accused of partisanship. And yet all of them appear to have ties to the Democrat Party.”

— Tucker Carlson to Rep Steve King (R-Ia) House Judiciary Committee.

“Obviously we reached out to the Trump transition team in the hope that they would help us, and we were hopeful that they would speak to other countries, in order to prevent the vote on the resolution from happening”

— Ron Dermer- Israel’s Ambassador to Israel, on the UN resolution vote to stop illegal Israeli settlements

There are 330 million people in this country and the biggest news channel is Fox News. Their highest rated shows have an audience of only around 3 million viewers. CNN is lucky to get a million. Do the coastal communists really believe that they are going to force Trump out of office with this partisan nonsense about Russia that we have been fed from these mainstream media liars?
Most people with a pea size brain should understand by now that the FBI wasn’t investigating Hillary Clinton, they were reporting to her. It appears that Obama and Hillary have been running a parallel government since Trump took office. It’s pretty clear these traitors never imagined Trump would win, and if a real investigation actually breaks out we could see some of them frogmarched off to the “Big House”
Trump still has more Obama and Hillary loyalists in his administration than he has of his own. Why are they still in place? FBI Director Christopher Wray, who’s been on the job for 4 months and no doubt still going through an orientation period, assures the Congress that everything at the bureau is a-okay. Just thousands of dedicated servants to the people. Scary really. This guy is as clueless as the rest of us and he’s testifying about the competency of the agents and the bureau? What nonsense!
He was no doubt relieved that no one brought up the Las Vegas shooting cover-up. This hearing, as usual was a monumental waste of time, with the obligatory, grandstanding and faux outrage from a bunch of fat cat do nothing Congressmen getting no closer to the truth and only assuring the public that the cover-up will continue.
It should be clear to everyone by now that this whole Russian collusion investigation was manufactured to set up Trump for impeachment. Sessions should recuse his recusal and fire Robert Mueller. This guy is a Deep State fixer from way back along with his pal Comey. The reason these guys get away with this stuff is that so few American people are paying attention. Everyone in Hillary’s inner circle who was questioned by the FBI in the e-mail investigation lied to the FBI.
Why was Flynn targeted? Remember when Flynn blamed Obama for the creation of ISIS? Is he being punished for it now that we know the US was helping ISIS. All part of Bibi’s plan to oust Assad, Steal more Syrian oil and destroy another beautiful Middle Eastern country, culture, and people. If they are lucky maybe they won’t salt the wells and fields like the Romans.
Mehdi Hasan from the Intercept has exposed that the real collusion from the Trump team didn’t involve Russia, but involved collusion with Israel’s Bibi Netanyahu to undermine Both US policy and international law. Through Mueller’s investigation it has been revealed that, because Obama would be no help in stopping a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlement expansion in the occupied territories as a “flagrant violation of International law” key members of the Trump team were recruited in December 2016 and worked behind the scenes to stop the resolution.
Hasan also reports that a very senior member of the Trump transition team, believed to be son-in-law Jared Kushner, told Flynn that stopping the vote was a top priority of the President elect. The entire transition team was told to get on the phones to Russia and other countries and do what they could to stop the resolution from passing.
This goes against longstanding US policy and according to University of Chicago Law Professors Eric Posner and Daniel Hemel, is a clear violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits private citizens from undermining foreign policy actions of a sitting president. This likely hasn’t been brought up by the Democrats because they are as controlled by Israel as the Republicans.
Where is the audience for truth in America? Most just watch the same programming that they have been inculcated with through their lifetime of brainwashing. Is it any wonder, for instance, why, in America, there is so much support for Israel? Christians have been told to support Israel from birth because the Bible tells them so.
As author Blake Sawyer noted, Christians always cite, the verse, “God will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel. That promise was not made to the Jews, it was made to Abram, only. God made a covenant with Israel that if they did what is right, he would bless them. If they disobeyed he would curse them”.
Jesus called the Scribes and Pharisees hypocrites and blind guides 2000 years ago. Little has changed. Today Israel is in violation of 65 UN resolutions. Does anyone believe that this country, looked at by most of the planet as racist, corrupt, belligerent, and warlike is blessed by God?
Israeli puppet Nikki Haley chastised the UN this week for their anti Israel moves that she claims have damaged the peace process. Trump claims he is fulfilling a campaign promise by moving the Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Really? A promise to who? Jewish billionaire Sheldon Adelson? Does Trump really believe the American people give a hoot where Israel’s embassy is located?
Adelson wanted it more than the American people. Was it payback for the $100 million Adelson gave Trump during the campaign? Haley lectured the security council, “I urge countries in the security council and in the Middle East to temper their statements and actions in the days ahead. Peace remains achievable we must all do our part to achieve it.”
The UN has called Israel the worst human rights violator on the planet and continues to call for an end to their illegal occupation of Palestine. Israel continues to steal Palestinian land, evict Palestinians from homes that their families have owned for generations, and then they bulldoze them to make room for more illegal settlements

Haley believes the UN is picking on Israel but why are she and Trump ok with these illegal settlements? This is a major US policy change that must have our closest allies wondering what’s next. The bottom line is there is no upside for the US in this embassy move, So why are they approving this now?

Don’t forget that the presidents son-in-law, Kushner, is a strict Orthodox Jew whose family has been major supporters of these settlements for decades and have been close friends of the Netanyahu’s for decades. Is Jared Kushner the right person to lead the peace process? Would he be in this position if politicians on both sides of the aisle weren’t completely controlled by Israel? Of course not.

Before closing her UN speech, Nikki “Israeli” Haley laughably addressed the Palestinians and assured them that, “the US is deeply committed to the peace process”. This is just more frightening evidence that Bibi Netanyahu and Jared Kushner are driving Trumps Middle East policy and to hell with everyone else.

The Trump administration continues to follow the globalist/Obama roadmap to control Syria, having just finished building the eighth US Military base there in the last few years. In a recent speech Trump said we must respect sovereign nations. Someone should remind Trump that Syria is a sovereign nation and has asked us to stop funding terror in their country and leave.

The military now says there are approximately 2000 US troops in Syria, which is four times the number they admitted to just last month. Was this in anticipation of trouble expected after the embassy announcement or just part of the ongoing US assistance in furthering the “Greater Israel Project,” which calls for a much greater expansion of Israels borders.

The US Military has been used for decades as mercenaries in the Middle East to carry out Oded Yinon’s “Strategy For Israel.” A plan to expand Israel’s borders from “The Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates River,” encompassing the majority of the Middle East. The Arab Spring was a planned psyop and the war in Iraq was planned long before 911. Americans always believe the big lies. Think 911.

No one is fighting for our freedom in the Middle East folks, and they don’t hate us for our freedoms like George Bush “The Dumber” told us. They hate us because we bomb them incessantly, steal their resources, and enable Israel to persecute and enslave them.

Israeli atrocities are kept from the American people because they count on a dumbed down populace not asking to many questions. Sadly, here in the United States, we are governed by hypocrites and blind guides. Donald Trump told the American people he would no longer involve the US in unnecessary or illegal wars. That’s the campaign promise that he should keep.

Patrick J.McShay